Roman Emperor Diocletian – The Crisis Manager Whose Reforms Shaped Medieval Europe

To save the Roman Empire, Diocletian radically changed it

Statue of Roman Emperor Diocletian (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Roman Emperor Diocletian excelled in crisis management!

Roman soldiers in the reign of Diocletian (Illustration by Nikolai Zubkov)
Artistic impression of the Roman defenses (Image: National Museum of Slovenia)
Tetrarchy under Diocletian (Image:
Gold coin with the representation of Diocletian (Image:

Diocletian’s main goal was to ensure enough resources for the Empire’s army.

Medieval illustration of serfs (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

By forcing farmers and artisans to support the army, Diocletian resurrected the army, but destroyed civilian life. Thus, the Empire lost its soul.

David C. Barham